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The ANY Ring PK Gimmick
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ONLY $7.95!

“The ANY Ring PK Gimmick” - E-Book

  • Don’t want to wear a PK ring that looks like a wedding band?
  • Want to use a ring you already wear as a PK ring?
  • Now you can turn ANY ring at ANY time literally ANYWHERE into a PK ring!
  • This E-Book will show you how to quickly and inexpensively build a gimmick
     that you can carry with you everywhere that will allow you to turn literally
    ANY RING into a PK ring in just seconds!
  • Includes several PK effects you can perform using this gimmick

“This is a well thought-out concept, with some real benefits to performers...
The instructions are clear and easy to follow and very thorough.  Good thinking!”
Scott F. Guinn

“A bargain at twice the price.”
Dick Christian

“Performance: The Magic Of Magic” - E-Book

What is it that enables a magician to truly connect to their spectators and create those “Magical Moments”?  I believe the answer can be summed up in one word: Performance

An in-depth discussion of the components of performance, including forms of misdirection, timing & pacing, story line, personality and connecting to your audience.

Performance: The Magic of Magic

“The advice in this book is the kind of thing we need to read over and over again.  Good, solid tips on performing magic.  No matter how experienced a performer you are, problems in performance always come back to the basics.
Well done Hank!”
Cameron Francis

“Read this book with pen in hand and pad handy.  Take notes, ask yourself questions, decide WHY you agree or disagree with what Hank has to say about these important issues.  You’ll be a better magician for it!”
Scott F. Guinn

ONLY $9.95!

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Buy BOTH E-Books For One Low Price!!!

Get the ANY Ring PK Gimmick E-Book + The Gimmick
For One Low Price!!!

The ANY Ring PK Gimmick Performance: The Magic of Magic

Temporarily Unavailable

ONLY $13.95!!!

The ANY Ring PK Gimmick
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ONLY $12.95!!!
Includes S&H in Cont. US
International Orders please email me
to order this package deal.

Get The ANY Ring PK Gimmick!!!

After numerous requests from people who have purchased my ANY Ring PK Gimmick E-Book, I have decided to sell the very limited “bare gimmicks” I have made up.  As many of you know, I have wanted to put together an “ANY Ring PK Gimmick” DVD complete with the gimmick, but have run across some challenges that have kept me from doing so.  One of those issues is finding a suitable flesh colored coating for the gimmicks.  I have a limited number of the bare gimmicks (uncoated) which I am going to sell.  I can send it to you “bare” (metal ) or cover it with flesh colored medical tape, which is the way I have mine set up.  Just drop me an email at when you purchase it and let me know your preference.  I only have a very limited number of these and once they are gone, that’s it.  I still hope to put out the DVD project, but in the meantime, I wanted to offer an alternative to the many people who have expressed interest in the gimmick.

The ANY Ring PK Gimmick

NOTE: Shipping is $1.65 on this item within the Continental US ONLY.  If you are an international customer, please email me before ordering for actual shipping charges to your Ship To address.  I will email you a PayPal invoice for you to order this item.

ONLY $6.95!!!
Plus $1.65 S&H in Cont. US

The ANY Ring PK Gimmick

I have had several inquiries for buying two gimmicks so I put this separate option up for buying two gimmicks.  Get two gimmicks for only $12.00 and the same shipping &  handling as ordering one!!!

Two For Only $12.00
Plus $1.65 S&H in Cont. US

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